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Life can be a myriad of experiences and challenges. As we journey through our life there can be times when it all can feel a little overwhelming.

Anxiety, stress, worry, loss, fear and so many other emotions are all part of our life journey, and however positive we can try to be these feelings can knock our core strength and make us feel quite vulnerable, lonely and low.

These meditations have been created to bring compassion and healing to encourage your inner wisdom to empower you to feel safe, strong and calm once more.

There is also a meditation for kids too, this focusses on easing their anxieties and worries. Great to listen to especially at bedtime to help children to let their worries go and drift off safely to sleep.

1. Ascending Angels Healing Meditation

This gentle healing meditation is great for when you are feeling low. It is a great ‘all-rounder’ healing experience and is good to bring balance, calm and a sense of inner well-being. This meditation includes light language and toning (angelic singing).

2. Stress Buster Healing Meditation

An easy meditation to start experiencing energy. This meditation is designed to release stress, ease anxiety and tension to return you to a state of peace and inner confidence.

3. Conscious Love Healing Meditation

This meditation focuses on opening your heart centre to allow a deep, pure, unconditional love to flow.  Held in a safe, energetic space free of rules, judgement and control where you are guided to let go of your anxieties and explore the infinity of your love energy. 

As you are encouraged to accept all of those imperfect perceptions of your personality, of your body as perfect illusions of light, and love them. Beginning to see yourself as whole, complete and perfect, the illusions of flaws and wounds dispelled.

Here you are encouraged to truly forgive all that you deem as something other than love, than light.  The process is simple, the effects powerful. 

4. Loved One Healing Meditation

The pain of loss can feel so overwhelming, hard and so very sad. We all experience loss at some point in our lives, be it the passing of someone dear to us, a loss in friendship, marriage or loss of a job to name just a few.

This meditation has been created to help our hearts to heal, to recognise the loss, to accept the discomfort and grief, and to return ourselves to a sense of inner peace with love and compassion for the self.

It is a gentle meditation created with love for you.

5. Align the Creator – Abundance Meditation

What are your dreams?  What would you like to be doing?  Are you happy with your life or are you finding you’re repeating the same patterns over and over again?

This powerful meditation helps us unlock our creator energy, empowering our lives to create abundance and joy. Awaken our inner creator energy and bring it into alignment so that we can clear the old patterns that keep us from empowering our dreams into reality.

6. Bedtime Healing Meditation for Children

This gentle meditation is great for kids. It takes them on a journey to let go of any worries and settle down for a peaceful nights sleep.

Great to ease anxieties and worries as well as helpful to teach children how to cope with their feelings, build their self-esteem and self-confidence as they let those worries drift away.