One Monday night, two Reiki Masters, Donna Swan and Caroline Sharp, were joined in a healing share, as they had been for every Monday evening for some 4 years. This amazing night they were blessed with a visit from a very Heavenly Being.

During mid healing the room was filled with a brilliant light and this Light Being began to speak.

He introduced himself as Lord Kumika, he said he was one of the 12 Ascended Masters who surround and protect our Planet Earth. He asked these two healers if they would bring his words to the planet and be a part of his mission to bring great healing to the world.

Lord Kumika gave to these two blessed healers an Ascension Attunement and the gift of blessing others with this attunement.

This Ascended Master told Donna and Caroline that this attunement would clear their connection to the divine, aiding all who received this attunement to receive more divine light energy for healing themselves and their lives. It would clear the connection between them and their divine guides and angels.

Since then they have channelled messages and further attunements, not only from Lord Kumika but also, other Ascended Masters and Archangels from the Angelic Realm.

Donna and Caroline have been blessed with Angelic Healing Rays from the Divine Archangels. These are a gift from the Archangels and connect us to their Divine Healing Energy surrounding us with their ‘Love-Light’.

With the guidance of the Ascended Masters and Archangels, Donna and Caroline formed ‘Ascending Angels’ to provide Healing Workshops, channelling the Divine Light Energy and either Ascension or Angelic Attunements to bring healing, love, support and growth to all participants.

As their work continued Donna and Caroline found they were connecting with many divine beings and bringing through powerful transmissions and guidance to support us here on Earth to feel peace, be joyful and experience the amazing wonders of life.

In May 2018 Donna completed her journey here on Earth and transitioned to a new light dimension, she is our Ascending Angel, Caroline continues to connect with Donna energetically and together they continue to create more guided energy transmissions for you to experience.

Marisa Bailey joined the Ascending Angels team in 2009 to assist in the facilitating of workshops as well as running Reiki Babies, firstly with Donna and now with Caroline.

She continues to support Caroline with Ascending Angels and is very much an intrinsic part of the Ascending Angels team.

Ascending Angels continues to grow, we are spreading our wings and expanding with love and light.


Marisa and Caroline