Reiki healing is great for kids, children of all ages from babies to teenagers can benefit from receiving healing energy in a safe and secure environment.

Our desire is for our kids to be happy, healthy and confident. Self assured and focussed. Yet at times life can be traumatic for our children, loss of grandparents, a beloved pet, friendship/sibling issues or even anxiety about doing well at school.

Caroline provides a safe, nurturing space for children of all ages to explore their feelings and receive positive healing energy to help restore balance and happiness whilst releasing anxiety and tension.

We tend to find the energy works much quicker with children they seem more in tune with healing energy and are able to release, unwind and relax more easily.  It is understood that with the support of Reiki healing children are able to release traumas and hurts before they become imbedded, reducing anxiety and reaffirming their natural, happy, confident self.

Sessions run on a Saturday morning for children, these are 45 minutes long and parents/guardians must always attend each session with their child

For more information please email or give her a call on 07875 992408.

“I would like to thank you for the help and advice when treating my daughter; we were both apprehensive at first but were put totally at ease in the first session. The subsequent sessions really improved her sleep habits and it was a wonderful experience; I would highly recommend!!”