Through her connection with the grace and love of the divine ones, Caroline has channelled a variety of empowering and enlightening meditation transmissions which she now presents as courses for you to follow.

To really experience the gentle healing process we suggest that you take your time with these meditation transmissions.

Each course is separated into 4 parts, each with an album for your to purchase with either 3 or 4 meditations to listen to.  We suggest listening to these meditations in order and to listen to only one meditation over a period of either 13 or 21 days depending on the guided instruction.

We have found that starting a new meditation transmission on either a full or new moon can help to keep your body in sync with the flow of the meditations, as well as empowering with the moons energy too.  With this in mind, these courses should take 13 months to complete.

With some of the courses there is a PDF file with written instructions for you to follow as well as the recorded meditations.  Please make sure you download these files as the written guidance will enhance the healing experience.

We also have some powerful healing meditations available for you to listen to and follow at any time.  These are available freely through SoundCloud.  Please do sign up to our SoundCloud page to be kept up to date with any new meditations.