Kids love Reiki.  They understand the concept of energy and healing with ease.

Kids naturally feel and trust their intuition. Using their imagination they are able to work with energy is a dynamic and powerful way.  With a mindful approach children are able to develop strategies and skills that will support them and boost their self confidence, their self esteem throughout the many challenges of life.

The Reiki Kids workshops are for parents and their children to come and learn Reiki together. Strengthening the bond between parent and child as well as encouraging a deeper trust in ones intuition or natural instinct.

For children this is an opportunity to experience and learn the basics of Reiki, exploring how to feel safe energetically around others, helping to calm themselves and how to self nurture and love themselves too.

The aim of this workshop is to empower children to feel more confidence and self assured as well as strengthening the trust and acceptance between parent and child.

A beautiful experience in which both parent and child receives a Reiki attunement together, with the ability to be able to share this empowering healing light to yourself, friends and family.

Suitable for parents, grandparents, guardians and their children aged 8+, children should be supervised by their adult at all times.

For dates of forthcoming workshops please visit our events page or contact us for more information.