Dates  August 8th 2019 – July 7th 2020

This 12 month course hosts a monthly set of three days of transmission where you are guided to sit/lie in meditation with a recorded transmission for you to listen to as Caroline and Aminya connect energetically with you to bring focus to a specific aspect of the subtle energetic system, incorporating all three threads as previously described – liberation, recalibration, and stabilisation, within order to awaken and evolve that aspect as a vehicle for the expression of presence.

Over the course of the entire year this then creates a tremendous focus of the bridging of Divine energy, consciousness, and intelligence through all dimensions of your energetic and cellular-genetic systems, opening, cleansing, clearing, purifying, illuminating, and awakening the pathways that connect each of your subtle bodies into the various anatomical structures, organs, endocrine, and neural systems of your physical form, in order that the body-mind can establish connection with, ground, integrate, and embody progressively higher levels or forms of light, and in so doing that more of your true nature can be expressed through all facets of your life.

This twelve month program begins the 8th August 2019.

Exchange for the full year program is £999 GBP or early bird (full payment made by the end of June 2019) is £888 GBP

Or each four month module is £350 GBP

Payment plans within instalments are also available.

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