karen clarke -earth light reiki practitioner therapist

Karen is a Mum of two. She runs her own business as a dog trainer, walker, sitter and now Reiki Practitioner.

Karen has always had a connection with animals and been hugely passionate about their welfare. After developing an interest in animal healing Karen met Caroline and her life changed in a powerful way.  Karen has found that utilising her Reiki skills has strengthened her ability to understand and work with animals, and often their owners.

‘I channel healing to the animal to relieve anxiety, fear, trauma, aggression etc. Very often the animal will bring their owner into the healing treatment and it is always a wonderful and humbling experience to be part of the immense love and affection he or she feels unconditionally for their owner.’ 

Using Reiki with pets and their humans together considerably deepens the connection between them which in turn assists and improves training and strengthens relationships.

Karen has used Reiki to bring healing to adult dogs who have suffered in the past, typically puppy farmed or rescue dogs, healing energy can be sent back in time with great effect to relieve and remove such trauma.

Karen provides distant healing treatments with  a photograph of the animal and will often pick up on issues they are experiencing.

Karen works as a mobile practitioner covering the Medway and Swale area of Kent.  She offers private treatments, distant healing treatments and treatments for pets too.

For more information please either email Karen at kclarke35@me.com or call her on 07949 286984.