Reiki is a fantastic tool for Mums, by simply consciously connecting with the positive healing energy at any time we can empower ourselves to stay calm, refocus and observe situations from a much clearer balanced space.

Not only this, the Reiki energy can help us to de-stress, unwind and relax.  It helps us to balance our hormones and is a fantastic tool for helping with PMS, IBS, relieve anxieties, ease worries and boost our immune system.

Reiki increases our trust in our instincts, our intuition and strengthens our bond with our children, partner and family.

By receiving a Reiki attunement we can give Reiki healing to ourselves and our loved ones.  This means that we can use the energy to bring comfort and relief to our children, from giving bumps and bruises energy to heal quicker, to helping children to sleep, relieving anxieties and worries they may have and helping them with self esteem, gain confidence and as we allow ourselves to be and be happier with who we are, our children will become happier too.

The wonderful energy of Reiki can have such a positive impact on the whole family unit and help bring us all together.

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Stress Buster Meditation

Here is my Stress Buster meditation for you to close your eyes and listen to. Helping you to recharge, balance, energise and focus.