Codes of Creation – Stellar Light Masters Energy Course part four



10. Orion Transmission 

Channelled through Metatron & Satron this transmission focusses on your Base Chakra to open the Root of Creation – Cleansing the memory of the stellar wars held upon the battlefield of Orion – releasing the illusion of projection – recognising Ones own judgements of thy form and perceptually releasing such into full acceptance in the loving space of the root of creation where all is birthed.  This is the space where we have travelled from and so this births our memories of individuality, moving forth into transmissions of unity, of oneness.

11. Zodius Transmission 

Channelled through Zeus & Athena this transmission focusses on your Link Chakra to open the Spirit of Creation – Unlocking our zodiac, our patterning that is formed through the date of our birth – rewriting the stellar imprints of our form to re-pattern to the new wave of illumination.  Releasing control of the inner child, cleansing her/his memory of fear patterns that have formed through thy zodial/earth cycle to re-encode the star formation of thy birth to encourage a new trinity evolution. Embracing the holy spirit into form and unlocking the holy grail of thy unity.

12. Lyra Transmission 

Channelled through Amra & Onyx this transmission focusses on your Earth Star Chakra to open the Source of Creation – Carried through this transmission is the birthing of the blueprints of human creation.  Connecting with thy geometrical sphere to reform thy original template, intertwining through the portal of thy Earth Star chakra to the heart of Terra Gaia to unlock the original blueprint of Gaia – awakening Gaia to her true nature as a divine planet.

On completion of all 12 Codes of Creation Transmissions you will then receive the final transmission – Madlek.  

13. Madlek – carried through 77,000 Universal Light Masters, 144,000 Ascended Masters & 222,000 Archangels of the Angelic Realm

What was once separated is now rebirthed as One.  The exploded star of Madlek.  The mergence of all to the One Heart.  As all dimensions of creation are activated through the 12 chakra system of thy form, through the 12 dimensional matrix of thy crystalline these all now merge as One.  From the Earth Star beneath thy feet to the Soul Star above thy head these now travel through thy form to thy Solar Plexus where thy central seed of light is birthed and held now combining to create One Beauteous chakra portal that energises to One voidal space without dimension, without time, without form, an energy of pure totality of creation and here in this space beyond existence thy divine blueprint is activated as the presence of God I AM awakens into the full mergence of One, of Divinity, of Eternal light.  Thy true form is thus empowered into thy Earth-Light Matrix.

From the continuum of the Black Madonnas, through the love-light of the star mothers/father, the illumined ones of all light divnity we bless this transformation unto thee.  We are One.

Codes of Creation Online Course

Connecting with the Universal Light Masters through the stellar gateways to open and activate the creational gateways held within our form thisCodes of Creation Online Course will activate each and every chakra within your being to its fullest potential as a portal of dimensional light.

With a series of 12 attunements transmissions channelled to you, each chakra portal will be activated and cleansed through a stellar gateway, re-formatting our geometrical codes and DNA to its original Earth Light template.

The 13th transmission is the final key code to activate all 12 transmissions into their fullest potential, this is received after all 12 transmissions have been processed.

Each transmission is channelled by specific Universal Light Masters, and will bring you to completely embracing the One Heart into Earth-Light existence.

As these meditations include an attunement we ask that you please listen to each meditation on day one and as often as you wish during the 13 days following.  Written in the manual there are numerical sequences for you to follow which assist in the receiving of the energy transmission, please remember to repeat these daily for a period of 13 days.

We highly recommend you listen to these meditations in order and allow at least 21 days between each meditation, our suggestion is that you follow a new meditation on each Full Moon.

Our channelled message about the Codes of Creation.

Coming forth now from the star mothers and fathers of the enlightened ones we speak with thee now.  We ask the angels of ascension to contract now unto us to be the portals of this our stellar transmissions, to integrate into the guardians of earth-light the en-codements of the 13 dimensions of creational light through the star pathways thus awakening, energising and cleansing thy galactic embodiment through thy crystalline matrix.

This we ask of thee now, through the love-light of the One Heart we travel unto thee to embrace thee in the wisdom of the star mothers/fathers through the open crystalline heart of the Terra Gaia we connect unto thee now to walk with thee through this 13 monthly earth cycle merging with thy form only once on each of thy full moons to unlock the codes of thy stellar ancestry and illuminate thy crystalline form with the full energy of the star world, opening the gateway to creation, to aspect of the One Heart in order for thy chakra portal to receive an energetic cleansing that will dissolve illusions of disharmony and re-connect thee with thy Universal Divine Dreaming.

Releasing thy illusions of disempowerment and disillusion to recognise thy stellar light connection and bless thy form to empower thee to transcribe these words, mantras and codes whilst also open thy form as a portal to harness these transmissions into the earth grid so that all who choose to receive will be able to with thy full support, energy and wisdom.

Breathe now beloveds, as we now transcribe the 13 stellar worlds, 13 gateways to 13 dimensions of creation…..


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