Diamond Crystalline Activation Transmission



This 7 day activation course will awaken your energy body to its full 12 bodies of consciousness.

Suitable for those who have worked with energy, this course is not a healing experience more an activation of your chakra system to align and integrate all of your multi-dimensional bodies.

This course commences on day one with a guided meditation to follow.  From day two you are guided to following the instructions in the pdf manual.

You may experience a 21 day cleansing process following this 7 day transmission.  We recommend you are gentle with yourself during this time.  You may listen to the meditation at any time during the 7 day course and in the following 21 days to help with the integration and alignment of energies.

Our channelled message.

Activating the Crystalline Matrix of the body in order to transcend you into the essence of the One Heart presence. This transmission is blessed upon your Earth Light beings through your Earth Star in the name of the One Heart of all light-love, all presence of Ascension. The Ascended Masters whom converge within unto this energy transformation are blessed unto you through the realms of the Black Madonnas whom have contracted at this your Earth time to be present unto you. 

This now the Diamond crystalline integration transmission comes forth unto thee.  Here now as we transmit unto thee the guiding information of this transmission of thy crystalline.

In this transmission we will call into activation thy crystalline form that lies dormant in thy genetic encodement, this crystalline body is activated through the interweaving of diamond strands of multi-dimensional threads of light.  Commencing at the heart, moving down through the body activating a new portal chakra, sacral, base, earth star, then rising up through thy form activating new portal chakras, link, solar plexus, thymus, throat, third eye, crown and soul star – completing on the 7th day the system is then repeated 3 times whilst thy form is given opportunity to adjust to this new multi-dimensionalism.  Thy chakras currently held in a state of crystal quantum will be activated into their soul purpose as multi-dimensional portals/gateways to the many dimensions of thy forms existence.

With this integration many rays of light will be channelled through thy form as thy crystalline is intertwined into thy meridians, thy blood veins, muscles, organs, skeleton, all aspects of thy body. Thy cleansing/energy absorption and release will occur on all aspects of thy multi-dimensional being.  Beloved you will be able to heal all layers of wounds concurrently.  This expansion will activate multi-dimensional knowledge of Earth Light, of Star Light and prepare thy body, thy form for the new awakening of the codes of creation a journey to fully embrace the One Heart into each and every cell of thy form – releasing all illusions of restriction, of less than love, embracing thy true essence of the One Heart, of Source, of God.

This crystalline activation is supported and guided by the collective of the Black Madonnas in union with the federation of the Ashtar, of the Ascended Masters of Gaia, of St Germain, Sanat & Venus Kumara, of Kumika, of Maitreya and Tara, of Sananda and Nada, of Cristala and Melchizedek of Shekinah and Anthykla, of Metatron and Satron, of Serapis Bey, of Pallas, of the Hathors and of the Divine Love-Light of all energy that is focussed at this moment on the guardians of Earth – through the inner kingdoms of Earth Light, of the Oceanic, of the Faery, of the Delvic, of the Crystal, of the Elemental, the Inner and Outer Realms of Earth.

Breathe now and breathe deep 7 times in through thy mouth and out through thy nose, breathe into thy navel and feel thy heart – can you hear the calling to awaken the crystalline unto thee, please follow this guidance whatever it may be.

In love and light we bless thee – we are One.  The Collective of the Black Madonnas


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