20:20 Earth Light Activation Transmission



New for 2020, this meditation transmission guides you to receive the 20:20 Earth Light Activation Codes.

Channelled through in the form of a guided meditation and a numerical sequence for you to repeat over the course of 17 days to fully empower the 20:20 Earth Light Activation codes and aid our and Earths ascension process.

20:20 Earth-Light Activation Transmission

In this year of 2020, we have experienced a huge shift in our conscious awareness. Earth is ascending and transforming through the 3rd and 4th dimensional reality into the realm of the 5th dimension.

Many have been birthed upon this earth to aid in this ascension process and we have been guided at this time to channel guiding transmissions and activations in order to support the conscious collective of earth to ascend with our beloved Gaia.

We are creating a new world, a new earth, a new reality in which we no longer hold on to the past hurts, the past beliefs of separation, neglect and limited perceptions of love.  Now we step forth into a world where we can feel safe in freely expressing the love that flows from our hearts.  This we are creating and with this we create the opportunity to cleanse and clear from our form the past memories held within our consciousness and sub-consciousness that have denied us the expansion of our true core self.  

These past memories have been held within our DNA, our ancestral genetics as well as our stellar and karmic patterning.  Now we share the codes, the key to unlock these and awaken a new you, one that feels the connection to your divine self, your inner shekinah or holy spirit.  One that is one with all that is, with the love of the source, of our inner god self.

Beloveds, we now share with you these key codes, we bring them through this channelling to aid thee on thy ascension.  

We will connect with thee to manifest this encoding so that it will be fully activated and accessible to all whom wish to receive this through this channelled message.

Beloveds, we are the trinity of 3, the Sirian, the Pleiades and the Lyran ambassadors of this cosmic union.  We unite with thee and bless thee now.  We open our hearts to thee and shine our ever loving love-light, with the guiding wisdom of the Archangels and the Seraphims who hold this the divine, eternal light of the loving source of all creation.  

We are One.

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Transmission Only, with Elite Crystals, with Ascend and Manifest Crystals


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