The 12 Archangel Healing Rays Part Three



1. Archangel Metatron Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

The Completion of Cycles, an Empowerment of New Beginnings, recognising one’s Divine Mission, understanding thought process, reconnecting the self, all separate personalities reconnecting and becoming one, understanding the personality, the ego.

2. Archangel Tzadkiel Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

Unified diversity, connection to the I AM presence. Understanding the truth of the Universe that has been revealed, recognising the light in each and every being, acceptance of the light truth – WE ARE ONE.

3. Archangel Sachiel Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

The Divine Mother Ray.  Connecting with the energy of the Divine Mother, channel the energy of unconditional love to all, nurturing self and all others, calm energy from within, love energy from within, acceptance of all – true non judgment.


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