18 years ago, Donna and I met.  We instantly felt a connection even over the telephone when I was inquiring about a workshop she was running.

Our original photo together.

The rest, you could say, is history…

We formed Ascending Angels and were guided to record a variety of transformational meditations, to run workshops and I guess to be ‘bringers of light’ to the Earth.

It was an amazing journey and led us to host workshops in New York, Madrid, the Yoga Festival in France as well as in London and around the UK.  We performed on stage at the Mind, Body, Spirit/Soul Festivals in London and ran workshops there too.

At the same time, we were raising our families, supporting our husbands and balancing it all.  There were times of quiet and times of activity, yet through it all we were guiding each other, supporting each other, nurturing each other and I can honestly say that I do not think anyone on this Earth knows me as well as Donna does.

In 2012 my father was diagnosed with bowel cancer, it was a shock for the family and I took a step back from Ascending Angels to support my family and have time for myself.  Shortly after his diagnosis I found that I was pregnant with my 3rd child, she was born a year later.

At the same time Donna felt called to support her husband more with his business and so our work calmed and we just focussed on our meditations, still meeting regularly and being there for each other.

In 2015 my father passed away and one year later I felt called to return to work.  Less than one month later Donna shared some painful news.  She had be diagnosed with bowel cancer.  It was time for her to stop work, to step back and focus on herself, her healing.  In her words, there was no-one else she would rather pass her clients along to, she knew I would take care of them as she had always done, I was suddenly very busy.

Donna and Caroline visiting Stephen Turoff in London 2017.

We kept in touch and saw each other as often as we could, possibly not as often as we’d have liked yet energetically our connection continued to strengthen and I would send her healing energy often.

Donna chose to love her cancer, she said it was a part of her that felt unloved, wounded and needed healing.  She followed a variety of conventional and complementary treatments always listening to her inner voice to assess what was right for her.  She was so very brave and we all hoped that she would recover and bounce back as the energetic and dynamic Donna that we all knew and loved.

Unfortunately this was not to be the case.  Donna and I had a pure moment of divine truth, where we recognised our pure light connection only 2 weeks before she passed from this world.  It was such an amazing experience and we both knew that I would be there energetically to guide her through her transition; she released her fear and her path was clear.

On the 31st May 2018 Donna left her physical body surrounded by her family, her children and her husband.

Her family nurtured her during her last moments, they honoured her with a beautiful funeral and her memory lives on in her children.

Yet Donna is not gone. For me this experience has been quite profound and opened me up to a greater understanding of our spirit.  I have felt Donna’s strengthening energetic connection each time I channelled energy following her passing.  One week after her death, I was woken at 2am in the morning to her intense spirit, I could feel her resistance to complete the transition, something was keeping her in a space of in-between, I could see her on a bridge, the light on the other side and her seeing it yet not wanting to walk into it.

At this time I could not gauge what was keeping her in transition, she connected with even more strength and I meditated with her spirit.  It was then that I realised our true connection, we are twin souls and therefore always one, always connected no matter time, space, realms, dimensions.  We simply are always connected and as dedicated as we have been in our life to bring light, peace and joy, we are still connected and living our mission even now.

The Twin Souls picture we were guided to commission in 2007. (artist Jan Hatch) – yep, me in the water. Doesn’t Donna look fabulous!

The Twin Souls picture we were guided to commission in 2007. (artist Jan Hatch) – yep, me in the water. Doesn’t Donna look fabulous!

Through our twin soul connection I was able to ease Donna’s anxiety of completing the transition.  I opened my heart fully to her and she realised she would never be forgotten and I have promised to revive Ascending Angels, for us to continue to bring the light in whatever form that may be.

On Monday morning of 11 June 2018 Donna walked over the bridge and stepped into the light.  Our hearts merged as one, our connection eternal.  We see each other with even more clarity, I hear her voice at times and can sense her loving intention.  I do not feel loss, just simply pure love and an inner calmness I’m not sure I remember ever feeling before (not in this lifetime anyway).

I wanted to share this experience with you.  it may answer some questions you may have, it may lead to some questions which I am happy to try and answer.  It has been such an enlightening experience that I felt it needed to be shared and for you to know that Ascending Angels continues to be Caroline and Donna, our energy combined, our love, our hearts, one!

Our first recorded meditation following Donna’s passing. Please click on the image to listen.

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