Dear Friends,

As the sun is shining brightly here in the UK I am drawn to other parts of the world, our beautiful planet Earth, where there is currently great distress. We are accustomed to hearing about war, poverty, starvation and other atrocities in the news and perhaps, over time, have become a little numb or desensitised to it. Yet this week so many of us have felt such great fear, sadness and compassion as we hear and see Ukraine invaded.

This really brings to light the question of why now, in this year of 2022 are we, humanity, still fighting and hurting each other? And what can we do about this? It can feel so easy to be drawn into the fear, or to feel such anger at a nation or its leaders yet how does this help? The truth is it doesn’t.

So how can we help? However hard it may feel, the answer is to send healing, to send love and compassion to all. Especially to those that are in the midst of this chaos, yet ultimately to all humanity so that with this love, this healing, this compassion we, as one, can be moved to choose a different path, one of peace.And for us, let us bring healing to our own fears, our own worries for our future and for the future of our children. Let us return to a space of balance, of harmony and compassion.

In order to assist I am offering all Archangel Healing Ray meditations and Ascended Master Healing meditations for FREE on the Ascending Angels website. I expect no exchange for these meditations and gift them to you with love and blessings. Please use these, listen to them to receive healing, guidance and support in order to bring balance, harmony and love for you, for all.

We are ONE and together we can chose a different, more harmonious way to live, love and be.

With love and blessings, Caroline x

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