‘Earth Light Reiki’ – the new age of Reiki

Caroline Sharp was first introduced to Reiki over 19 years ago, and at that time it was what she felt she had been looking for and she loved it.  

In February 2009, however, Caroline had a ‘vision’ of a new experience of Reiki.  This ‘vision’ was followed by many channelled messages from Dr Usui and Ascended Masters.  (Ascended Masters are enlightened wise light beings who energetically oversee our planet).   Dr Usui is the founder of Usui Reiki as we know it in the world today, and the Ascended Masters channelling to Caroline that day were Sanat Kumara and St Germain. The channelled messages that Caroline received contained much new information on Reiki and describe Reiki as an ancient connection to our own Earth’s Light energy.  Hence the new name ‘Earth Light Reiki’.

Up until this ‘vision’ Reiki has been described as ‘universal energy’ and has not been thought to have come through Mother Earth herself.

The message from the Ascended Masters and Dr Usui on that day was very simple.   In the early 1900’s when Dr Usui meditated for forty days and forty nights and discovered what was to be known as Usui Reiki, he had connected with and accessed a portal to an energy field of healing light.  He experienced this as a stream of healing energy and in meditating with it, he realised he could channel this energy to others and also awaken this connection in others through the method of a ‘Reiki attunement’.  After this event, through the teachings of Dr Usui himself and his descendant master teachers a traditional worldwide ceremony of attunements, or switching on, were created and followed for over a hundred years.  For that length of time Usui Reiki masters and teachers have been giving Reiki attunements, teaching others how to give attunements and teaching students how to give healing treatments.

As with everything in life, now the picture and understanding of Reiki is expanding and a deeper truth is being unveiled.  A fuller and stronger Reiki Attunement is now available.  It is an Earth Light Reiki Attunement.  Let us explain more.

This traditional flow of Usui Reiki healing energy has been described as a connection to God or Universal energy.  The energy has been recognised as coming from above us, and yet Earth Light Reiki reminds us that we are God, we are Universe, we are Light and so in truth Earth Light Reiki energy is everywhere.  In reality Reiki is Earth energy, and we are Earth energy, so Reiki is within us, it surrounds us, and it is most potent, most powerful at the very centre and source of our existence, our core.  

By recognising that we are one with Earth, that we are creations of Earth, we can choose to access Earth’s core where this energy is at its most powerful, where it is untainted by tradition, by rules, where it simply is just energy and channel this to each other, and to the world.

The words from the Ascended Masters were about realising the truth of Reiki, of its purest purpose.  The Masters encouraged stepping away from the human creation of tradition and rules that can boundary and box Reiki.  

By embracing this Earth Light energy we call Reiki, by embodying Reiki we can allow it to enhance our natural abilities.  By recognising Reiki as Earth’s own natural light energy we can begin to see our own natural connection to Earth, to our magnificent planet and begin to see our planet as beautiful, begin to see how we, as humans, can exist, can live in harmony with our planet.  We begin to feel one with nature, with the elements, we begin to explore the many kingdoms of Earth that are currently unseen to us and we realise our own true nature as guardians of Earth, unlocking Earth’s ancient wisdom that is carried through the cells of our genes.

The core foundation of Earth Light Reiki is connecting the student to Divine Source through the Earth and Earth’s light form.  By connecting with divine source through the central core of Earth the student also maintains a grounded energy that allows the flow and channelling of source to be easier in a healing capacity.  

In traditional Usui Reiki, the Reiki Master switches on the healing energy in the student.  In the Earth Light Reiki attunement the student’s whole body is energised with the earth’s light energy, and through a guided meditation the recipient is taken on a journey through the inner Earth gateway into the Earth Light energy field of Reiki; a mass, swirling, colourful, energetic plane where one is guided to immerse oneself in the Reiki energy, allowing it to flow through the body, awakening one’s true nature, one’s gifts and abilities.  

Earth Light Reiki will awaken the student’s innate healing ability. Our innate healing ability is as unique as we are and by this definition the boundaries of Earth Light Reiki are limitless.  Just like us.  In truth we are limitless.

Caroline has also discovered that the symbols of Usui Reiki, which can enhance the energy for a variety of purposes, are actually written words from an ancient language.

Through entering and embracing the energy field of Earth Light Reiki one can awaken this entire language held in our unconscious mind.  This language is a language spoken by our ancestors in a time when our hearts were one with the Earth.  This Light Language has powerful sound energy of its own and in a healing environment is proving to be very transformative.

In the Earth Light Reiki Workshops that Caroline of Ascending Angels runs one has the opportunity to access the power of this Light Language as well as the full potential of Reiki itself.

For more information or to book your space on an Earth Light Reiki workshop please visit our diary of events page.  If you would like to arrange a workshop in your area do contact Caroline.

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