Over the past 20 years of my energy working career I have been asked many times, ‘What is it that you do?’ This is such a hard question to answer because quite honestly, although I kind of know what I do, I’m not entirely sure how the magic happens.

Today I thought I’d give it a go in answering this question. Now, my answer today may not be the same answer next week, next month or in 5 years time yet right now this is what I think I do. Or perhaps this is the ideal of what I’d like to think I bring to the sessions.

Many people presume that these sessions are simply you lying on a massage couch or treatment table whilst I bring healing energy through and into your body. These sessions are a little more involved than this and thusly I’d like to think they have a greater impact on your wellbeing.

I will often describe these sessions as a combination of counselling and energy healing. This is because we will chat, you will tell me what is going on for you and we will explore this and delve into your past to find the root causes of this inner disharmony. Then we use the energy healing to unlock, unroot or unweave those stories, experiences or trauma from you to allow the opportunity for a positive shift or change in your thought patterns and sense of self.

Let me explain how I have come to call the sessions Energy Therapy, or even Intuitive Energy Therapy sessions. I’ve focussed on some key words to describe the sessions.

One of my skills is being intuitive. I can sense stuff and when we are chatting I’m really getting a feel for you, who you are, your history, experiences and what gives you purpose. I ask lots of questions and I’m observing you as you answer them. I notice how you sit, your body movements, how you react to certain questions and so on. As we are talking I start to see patterns forming in my mind, a bit like a spiders web and you may hear me saying things like ‘that doesn’t fit’ or ‘yes that sits here’ this is where I am following those threads to find the root cause.

This time where we are talking is so valuable as it really is an opportunity for you to tell your story, to open up and feel safe knowing there is no judgement just compassion and acceptance as in my mind I am exploring this journey with you. This can also be described as therapy, it is a bit like a counselling or coaching session and I use my therapeutic skills to help you to trust the process and explore deeper into the psyche. There can be moments of great clarity here and I firmly believe that healing starts with self awareness.

From here we move into the energy aspect of the session. So we have unveiled the root of the disharmony, the trauma that sits within and you then have the joy of lying down and allowing the energy to flow through, as I guide this energy and weave it through your being to bring comfort, healing love and compassion to the trauma held within, thusly then encouraging this trauma or pattern of disharmony to release from the body.

Some of these patterns are held genetically in your ancestry or from past incarnations and so we guide the energy through the cells of your body to release these old stories/patterns/beliefs so that they no longer have an impact on your choices in this life time.

I like to think that these sessions can be very powerful. My experience has been that they can transform lives and unlock potential, they certainly do help improve ones sense of inner contentment and aid in balance ones mind, body and spirit.

If you would like to book a Zoom or in-person Intuitive Energy Therapy session do contact Caroline for more information.

Caroline Sharp
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